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Happy New Year 2013


Lord Jesus, thank You for 2012.  It’s been a year of blessings – memories to cherish, trials and victories through You. May we walk close to You and thank You every day of our lives.

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Thanksgiving…Canadian Style

This is the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. It is celebrated on the second Monday in October. It is a day set aside to give thanks to God for the close of the harvest season.
“It is said that the history of Thanksgiving in Canada goes back to an explorer, Martin Frobisher, who had been trying to find a northern passage to the Orient. In 1578 he held a formal ceremony in Newfoundland and Labrador to give thanks for surviving the long journey.”
I’ve never thought that much about how the holiday originated, just like I’ve never thought much about Labor Day, it just is.
I’m thinking about the many Thanksgivings that I have celebrated. It is one of those holidays that is associated with food. Turkey with all of the trimmings and pumpkin pie. Food has a certain power to trigger memories. The smells of foods as well as the taste can flood your mind with memories like nothing else can, except maybe videos. There are a lot of foods that make me think of my mom and grandma, both excellent cooks by-the-way. Our family gatherings, like those the world over, are largely centered around food. It was that way in Biblical times too now that I think about it, the holidays either dictated what you ate or what you couldn’t eat!
Anyway, this is my favorite time of year. Living in Ontario we are treated to awesome displays of color, yellows, oranges, reds, greens even purples against a beautiful clear blue sky! The mornings and evenings are crisp and the afternoons often are warm. Who could ask for anything more?

It is also usually tradition to go around the table and everyone say what they are thankful for. This holiday, because of work schedules, we have done our own thing, so no big family sit-down dinner. I was a bit disappointed but hey, ya gotta go with the flow. That being said, I decided that turkey day was today, Saturday. We had our meal early (those who were present) because my hubby was going to work tonight, the others got a plate when they could. We didn’t do the “what are you thankful for” thing. So, I’ll go now. I am thankful for my family (aww) and for our health. I am thankful for the free country that we live in. I am thankful for the blessings that we have that we sometimes take for granted, food, shelter, safety, transportation etc. Most of all I am thankful for the gift of God, His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ and for my salvation in Him.
“It is by grace you have been saved, through faith – and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God – not by works, so that no one can boast.” — Ephesians 2:8-9

It was always a tradition to go for a walk in the woods enjoying the smells and colors up close. Our family has property in the mountains, so we would go in there and take a walk through the bush and collect pine cones, acorns, and especially beautiful leaves.  We used to visit my parents in north/east Ontario, in the Ottawa Valley area on the fringes of Algonquin Park, and when we went there for Thanksgiving we usually did a nice walk in the bush on Sunday afternoon. This is a tradition that has been long left behind, it has been probably 11 years since we’ve done that, so my kids have largely missed out on that tradition. That was a favorite tradition, unfortunately one that died when my mom died over ten years ago.  We have tried to keep up other traditions for the kids and ourselves so that we can live happily despite the sadness of that situation. We continue to do all that we can do to build tradition with our family and to make memories for them to look back on fondly and pass some of it on to their families.

“This day and your life…are God’s gift to you, so give thanks and be joyful always!”

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