“Storm Warning” by Billy Graham

30 May

Storm Warning – completely revised and updated

Rev. Billy Graham is 91 years old and for 6 decades has been an Evangelist, known world wide, famous for his crusade meetings and his forthright and direct manner of preaching the Gospel of Christ. Rev. Graham tells it like it is, not sugar coating the truth of the Word of God. He has also been a spiritual adviser for 12 presidents of the United States.

Billy Graham originally wrote “Storm Warning” in 1992, now almost two decades later, Graham has updated and added to this volume, examining current world events in light of eternity.

What does the Bible say about what is happening right now in world events? Rev. Graham helps us to see the parallel between the Word of God and current events and includes an analysis of the “four horsemen” from Revelation 6.

Rev. Graham is not a “doom and gloom” preacher, he is a passionate and honest preacher – he desires to awaken the need for salvation for each soul because we “know not what hour the Lord will come”* therefore we must be ready. The truth is, that based on the current world situation and the Holy Scriptures, that hour could be very near and it is Rev. Graham’s desire to warn those who are lost to “seek the Lord while He may be found.”**

This is a book I will re-read and share with others, it’s message is clear – we are living in the end times.

This complimentary copy of “Storm Warning” was provided by Thomas Nelson Publishers through the Book Sneeze program for bloggers. I am under no obligation to provide a favorable review of this book, the above review is based solely on my own opinions after reading this book. This book and my review are available at

*Matt. 24:42

** Isaiah 55:6

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