Jabez Blanket Ministry International

28 Jan

The Jabez Blanket Ministry is an organization reaching out to help needy Orphans around the world — Orphans living in unimaginable poverty, bearing the marks of loneliness & desperation.

To a child who has nothing,

these hand-made blankets are a wonderful expression of love, saying to them …

“Someone cares for me.”

Not only is the recipient touched, but the giver as well.


Sharon James & Catherine Welk



registered canadian charity since


contact us

Jabez Blanket Ministry International

P.O. Box 336, Killaloe,

Ontario, Canada KOJ 2A0

Catherine Welk E-mail:

Office: (613) 757-1551

Sharon James E-mail:

Office: (905) 726-8262

Fax:  (905) 726-9396

Alternate Email:

Jabez Blanket Ministry International Is a Registered Canadian Charity,
Reg. No. BN86098 8377 RR0001

For more information about this incredible ministry click the link to a previous blog entry about Jabez Blanket Ministry.


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6 responses to “Jabez Blanket Ministry International

  1. Allie

    February 21, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    This sounds like a great project and shows how God can take a grass-roots effort and idea and cause it to bloom internationally. A true example of being the hands and feet of Christ.


    March 29, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    At first, Date: 26, 2010

    Most Respected Sir,
    Greeting from in the name of living Lord Jesus Christ. I read your web site and came to know that you are concerned about lost souls around the world. We missionary family also very much concerned of the lost souls in india.
    I would like to introduce myself to you sir. Here I am writing about my Testimony, and our ministries. Kindly go through this and encourage me and my family in India.
    1. My Testimony

    I am a missionary from the Southern part of India and moved to Northern part of IndiaWest Bengal . I am a converted Christian from Hindu religion. I had severe stomach ache. Whenever it pains I used to roll down on the ground and scream loudly. I visited many big doctors. None of them cured me. My father took me to a church in our place. The Pastor preached on Psalms 50:15 “Call unto me I will deliver you…” I trusted the Word and owed and prayed to God like this: “Lord, I trust your word. If you heal me I will serve you with all of my Life”. Yes, the Lord heard my prayer and He healed me. I never had stomach pain later on. I gave my full life to the Lord and came to the Lord’s ministry in Kolkata. When I accepted Jesus Christ, there was big opposition from my family. But the Lord touched me and called me to serve Him in the Northern part of India especially among the poor people in the slums and Islands in West Bengal. When I came to Kolkata I did not know any one I had no house, no money and no food and I stayed in the Railway station. But I distributed the Tracts about Jesus Christ. Slowly I started to learn the language and started my ministry.

    2. My Vision and Mission for Kolkata , India

    Kolkata is the most populated city in India . Mostly we find refugees from different states( Tamilnadu , Bangladesh , Bihar and Uttra predesh, Orissa and Assam etc). They all are very much poor and live in poverty. They all are staying beside the railway tracks as well as in the waste lands here and there. They do all kinds of menial jobs like Drainage cleaning, sweeping, washing utensils and Washing Clothes etc. Here the poverty is seen in several aspects like poor men are pulling rickshaws carrying men and also we find the children are rage pickers and street children. Women also are rage pickers and do the low jobs. I have chosen to do my ministry in DumDum area, because more slums are located here.

    3. People in Sundarban Islands

    Regarding Sundarban Islands, the people are very poor. There were around 120 Islands beside the sea of Bay of Bengal. Around 60 Islands sank in the sea waters and erased by the sea waves. Now there are around sixty Islands. We find people are living in 30 Islands and the other 30 islands are full of jungles. India’s the thickest forest is these Sundarban Islands. Around 30 Islands are without Christ. Their children are unable to go to schools because they are very poor and also they need to go for long way to schools. In each Islands number of villages are there. They have no electricity, no clean water and no medical facilities. I have great burden and love for these Islands, especially on the poor people and their children.

    4. What we are doing Now in West Bengal
    *In Sundarban Islands

    At present we are working among five Islands where there is no electricity, no good food, no good water, no proper house. In rainy season almost the people are on the streets without house in floods. These people do not know any thing about Jesus Christ. We have started free tuition Centers here and I am visiting these places monthly twice. The whole week they study their lessons. But when our family or I visit, that day, we gather the parents also and we teach songs, Bible stories, Bible verses and a preaching of an evangelistic sermon. Gradually we make this meeting as house fellowship and later it will be our church. To reach each Island, I have to travel minimum of 5 to 6 hours journey by Bus or Train and Boat and by walk for several kilometers.

    *In Widow Para in Sundarban Islands

    We have started ministry among widows also. These widows lost their husbands because when they went to cut the woods and pluck the honey in the jungles they were killed by the Royal Bengal Tigers. Some of them are eaten by the Crocodiles when they went for fishing. I do not have any resources to help these widows and their children. They do not have proper houses, no schools, no clean water, no electricity, no good clothes and no food even all the time. But I want to reach them with Gospel and help them. I need your prayers and supports to reach these God’s Children.
    *In Slum Areas

    We have started ministry in 15 slum areas and started free tuition centers. They do not have proper houses. Their children are street children and some are rag pickers and working in Tea Shops and vegetable shops. Our Goal is to reach these poor children and poor people. We want to preach gospel to these people some how. We have started free tuition centers. We have started prayer centers also. Each free tuition center will be prayer houses and the later house churches. We have now 5 house churches.
    We have more than one thousand five hundred children studying in 15 different Free tuition Centers. We are conducting sewing Classes, beautician Courses, Adult Literacy programs, Youth Meetings, drawing classes, House Fellowships etc for poor women both in Islands and slums. The participants of all these programs are very poor people from slums and Islands. Some of them are orphans.

    We need your gracious help to these least poor children and women in India. I am sure that your help will be meaningful and you will be very happy in seeing the development of the slums and Islands in West Bengal, India. Our only aim is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    We are praying for you and for your service to the poor. Do remember us in your prayers.
    Thanking you,

    In God’s Service,
    Backianathan, Regina Beuret,
    Missionaries, West Bengal India.

    Our Address:
    6/1/1, HariMohan Dutta Road ,
    DumDumCant, Kolkata – 700 028,
    West Bengal , India .
    E- Mail :
    Phone: 0091(0)33-2590-2929
    Mobile: 0091 9830492267
    Please encourage our ministries in India among poor children and women. If you want to see our ministries in India you are most welcome to see. Kindly inform me before hand to do the arrangements of accommodation. please help these poors or show us any other ways.PASTOR PLEASE DONT THROUGH US.

    • week2week

      April 2, 2010 at 7:37 pm

      Thank you for your comments. It is true there are many countries that have never heard of the Lord Jesus Christ, and thank you for bringing attention to this specific area of the world. Perhaps you could seek help from Gospel for Asia. This is a great organization whose goal is to reach the unreached in Asian countries.
      “Today the reality is that 97 percent of the world’s unreached lives in the 10/40 Window, a rectangular shaped area on our globe extending from West Africa to East Asia, from 10 degrees north to 40 degrees north of the equator. In this part of the world, millions live with little or no chance of ever hearing the Gospel. The Window also encompasses the majority of the world’s Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists. The darkest of all areas within the 10/40 Window is Asia. Over 80,000 die every day in Asian countries without knowing about the love of Jesus Christ. 500,000 villages in India alone have never heard the Gospel. Although 97 percent of the world’s unreached lives in the 10/40 Window, less than .05 percent of our total resources as the Church in the West are being sent to help share the Good News. Truly there is a staggering amount of work to do.
      However, with national missionaries we can reach them!”
      “Thousands of national workers are being trained and sent to the mission fields of Asia every year through Gospel for Asia. But many more are needed if the millions in these countries are to hear the Gospel in our lifetime.

      To date 67 major Bible colleges have been established in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and at the Bhutan border. Currently, nearly 9,000 young men and women are currently receiving training.

      The quality of GFA students is incredible. Over 98 percent of our graduates minister in places where the Gospel has never before been preached. Frequently, our graduates will establish a new fellowship within their first year on the field.

      This incredible fruit from national missions work is being reproduced across Asia!”

      I pray for this ministry regularly and will pray for yours as well.
      Thanks again for your imput.

  3. Backianathan

    July 29, 2010 at 7:43 am

    Respected Sir,
    Thank you very much for your response and suggestion to approach GFA. We too have approached them and noted their ministry. They don’t help independent missionaries. They support their own workers. We have approached so many like you. But non came forward to help our ministries.It is really sorry to see that you also came in the same list. Christians outside India, they don’t see the dedication of the people and the committment of the people. But they see only the big setup.They give to the people and the big organization who have money and the resources.

    We started our ministry with much burden and reached number of places without any resources. I am sorry for my words. It is my personal feelings. I am really happy about your service to the poor people. May God bless you abundantly and use you effectively.

    In His Service

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