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DSC03178I think this blog should have a new name, “month2month” since I have a bad habit of letting life get in the way of blogging!

I’d blog about my life, but in my humble opinion, it is too boring to blog about. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life and I am content where I am, but I just think that there really isn’t much to tell.

June was a good month, unless you are a strawberry plant since the weather here was definitely not conducive to growing great strawberries. It was cool and pretty wet, mostly ideal for growing black-flies.

The weather aside, it was a good month.

I had a great time on the weekend of the 12th, 13th and 14th of June. I drove to Guelph, Ontario where I met my good friends from Killaloe at the annual Women’s Ministry Conference. My first time there was June of 1998. I’ve missed one weekend since then. It is a reunion for me since I have moved away from the Killaloe area and it is really the only time through the year that we get to see each other and catch up. It is always great seeing my friends again and it always brings back great memories of the years I lived in northern Ontario and forged life-long friendships with these women. They are a true blessing in my life.

Of course June was the last month of school for my daughter…except she is in summer school for 9 days in July. Oh well, such is life.

June ended rather nicely too. My sister and I ventured to south-western Ontario on the 29th and visited with my nephew (her son) who has essentially become a London resident. He got his Bachelor of Medical Science there in 2007. We thought that was it, he was done with London after 4 years. Turned out that no, he was returning for his master’s degree. Now he is still a London resident working towards his PhD which means he’ll be hanging around London for another 5? years. We’ve gotten used to the 2+hour trip there to visit.

We picked him up and went to lunch, walked the mall, walked Costco, went home to his place to regroup, went out again to Wal-mart, to Winners and to supper. First time ever for me eating at Boston Pizza and at 9 pm! I thought that only people on TV ate supper that late! It was a great day of visiting. We went out for breakfast the next day and sadly it was time to say good-bye again and head on home. The time just flew by but we had a good visit. We always do.

See, writing about my life is pretty dull and that was only two weekends that I talked about! I’ll try to be more inspired for my next blog entry.

“I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” Philippians 4:11

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