Good Books…

08 Oct

Good Books

What would I do without books? I don’t know, I can’t even imagine that.

I have heard about this new gaget, or maybe it isn’t new…maybe I’m just old and behind the times…anyway, it is a digital book! I love books. I also love gagets. This gizmo is called Kindle
I have mixed feelings about this thing. Pros and Cons.
First of all, it is cool. 
Revolutionary electronic-paper display provides a sharp, high-resolution screen that looks and reads like real paper.
Buy a book and it is auto-delivered wirelessly in less than one minute.
More than 180,000 books available, including more than 98 of 112 current New York Times® Best Sellers.
Top U.S. newspapers including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Washington Post
Lighter and thinner than a typical paperback; weighs only 10.3 ounces.
Anyway, there is a long list of features and advantages to this new technology (like I said, maybe it isn’t new, maybe I am just old).
I have bought stuff in the past that is supposed to be “the latest thing” only to find out within the month that it is either not all it is hyped to be or it is being replaced with a newer “latest thing”. It is frustrating! I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has had this experience.
Second of all…hmm, I’ll get back to that.
Real books. I do like my books. Mostly my books are Christian fiction or non-fiction. I wonder how many Christian books there are out there to put on a Kindle? could be problematic. I have other books, some “how to” books, some reference books, and I have some classics or destined to be classics as well. I also like biographies. Hmm, as I list these off, it reminds me that my book case is full, over flowing actually. See, this is where one of those gagets might be a good idea. I have already tried to make space on my book shelf by giving some away or donating. But as I do that, I am bringing more home.
I know you may suggest that I think about visiting a library. Good thought, I don’t think that too many “public libraries” have many Christian books. I admit, I haven’t actually looked into it, just always assumed. Church libraries are an option but the problem with that is I have read most of them already so that wouldn’t really solve my problem. 
Oh yes…second of all…the trees! Yes this gaget will be more environmently friendly, I think. Well using less paper is supposed to save trees, so that is good.
On the other hand, there are already millions of books already in print waiting to be purchased and the trees have already been sacrificed for them. If everyone switched to Kindle reading, who would buy those books? See…I’m thinking it through.
There is something romantic and sentimental about the idea of grabbing a hot chocolate or green tea and curling up on the couch with a nice quilt and a good book on cold fall and winter evenings and reading, turning pages…real ones. I haven’t tried the digital book so I don’t know if it would have the same feeling.
As far as God’s Word…the Bible, I like my real Bible. I grew up on the King James version, but I like the NKJV, the NIV, NASB, the Amplified Bible, the Message…etc., I know that these are available for Kindle, but there is nothing like the familiar, well-read, dog-eared, highlighted, marked-up margins feel of your own old Bible. It is a friend, a comfort…to others it may seem worn out or too messed up with sermon notations everywhere. It may hold your family tree, births, marriages, deaths, it is, hopefully, a part of the family. In my opinion, for me, there is no replacing The Good Book.
I don’t think I will be getting a Kindle any time soon, knowing me, I’ll buy one just before it is replaced with a newer version. For me, I’ll stick to my paper books that have that familiar smell that no digital device could ever duplicate.
Oh, and last of all…the Kindle is $359.00…to pricey for me.

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